Adam DuVander - Developer Marketing & Home Automation

Adam is a developer whisperer. He has leveraged his technical background to build a career around helping non-technical people better interact with and understand the developer audiences they target to the benefit of everyone involved. In that sense, we are fellow travelers, and that's probably why I have such a deep admiration for him, his work and his generosity in sharing it. He's also just fun to chat with, which is why I seek him out every time I know we're in the same place at the same time. In this episode, Adam shares his wisdom as we discuss his latest book "Technical Content Strategy Decoded", then describes his very pragmatic adventures in home automation.

Show Notes

  • Adam is the founder and principal consultant for EveryDeveloper, which helps organizations strengthen their developer marketing.
  • All of Adam's books - including his latest, "Technical Content Straregy Decoded" - are available from his website.
  • Take the DX Quiz to find out how strong your develope marketing is and how EveryDeveloper and Adam may be able to help!