Sarah Jane 'SJ' Morris - Developer Community & Travel

Sarah Jane 'SJ' Morris is a master of developer community. The empathy she shows developers and the way she advocates passionately for their needs is merely a small reflection of the general compassion she shows toward everyone. Today, we dive into her experiences and thoughts around building and maintaining developer-targeted communities as she shares real-world successes from her current role at HubSpot. We then discuss the joys of solo travel and learn some tips that can help you prioritize planning your next trip.

Show Notes

  • SJ is the Sr. Manager of Developer Community at HubSpot.
  • There has never been a better time to become a HubSpot developer - check out the HubSpot Developer Community for more information.
  • That travel site SJ couldn't remember? It's called PackUpGo, and she had a great experience with them!